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Organizational Transformation.

Are you looking for a boost to your bottom line? Effective corporate coaching and sustainable organizational development bring lasting results and produce 20% - 40% improvements in business results. Organizational transformation is based on a change of organizational culture formed through true leadership development. Our corporate coaching programs create organizational transformation through targeted leadership development programs combined with customized workshops and group coachings in smaller or larger settings.

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We are international business management professionals with extensive experience in corporate coaching, executive coaching and facilitation (M.Sc. and Dipl.-Kfm.).

Uta Michels holds a Master of Science in Management and has worked internationally for over 20 years in the US, Belgium and Switzerland. She is an expert for multicultural environments, and has practical experience in senior leadership positions in information technology and human resources management. For over 10 years, she has been a certified trainer and coach and specialist for international organizational transformation. She is a senior career coach and master facilitator for international workshops. She resides on the US East Coast.

Marion Ruppert holds a Master of Science in Management from Cologne University. She is an expert in executive coaching, leadership coaching, and international team development. Her business background include senior management positions in sales and marketing management experience in health management and manufacturing industries. She has over 25 years of leadership coaching experience from middle-management to C level positions. Marion Ruppert resides in Cologne Germany.

Switzerland-based Kerstin Wörmann is our international specialist in HR and IT organizational transformation. As an international expert in digitalization and IT change management she delivers corporate coaching supporting the optimization and digitalization in manufacturing and health care industries.

US and German based Brigitte Lippmann is an international leader in HR talent management and diversity program solutions. As a long-time international expert in health care industry she is engaged in corporate coaching through global leadership development and organizational transformation programs.

Our business relationships with our clients have grown over the years and are based on values like professionalism, integrity and trust.

Our growing client base includes:

Our customers are amazed by our highly successful, pragmatic and a solution oriented approach, as well as our maximum availability and flexibility. Our individualized and customized approach is based on our strong values like mutual respect, professionalism, personal trust and absolute confidentiality.


Our international corporate coaching and organizational transformation programs deliver true business value and boost your bottom line.

English and German language customized executive leadership and organizational development workshops for corporate strategy, team development, communication, conflict resolution, and team building create memorable team development programs that contribute to your corporate transformation story.

Organizational Transformation Formats.

Agile facilitation methods like Dynamic Facilitation, experiential learning, solution-focused formats like Appreciative Inquiry, and customized transformation programs to engage entire business units in World Café or Open Space formats create memorable team development experiences and true transformational change in the entire organization.


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